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  • Daily Injury & Player Status Insider Reports - stay caught up with important baseball information from sources around the country. Best of all it's delivered via email and covers over 150 players daily. Since 1999,  we have delivered over 180+ days of our industry leading reports every season. (Sample Report)
  • "Player Tracker" a web based system that will track and report all of your player news stories on one convenient page (up to 50 players).  No more fumbling through countless web sites, you'll find all the information here every morning. Additionally you'll be able to keep track of up to 8 separate fantasy teams, including a daily box score for your team/s.

  • Weekly Lineup Ranking: your fantasy players are rated/ranked based on the strength of the opposition for the coming week.

  • Complete Historical Stats Database: access to each player's complete stats and fantasy values over the last 7 years, including 1st / 2nd half yearly splits, 3 Year averages, Sabermetric Indicators, weekly, & even daily box scores.

  • Fantasy Value daily updates on over 1200 players.

  • Updated Player Charting throughout the 2016 season.

  • Pitching Intelligence Logs: easily identify pitchers based on their trends.

  • Strategy Player Reports: find out who the Rising, Dropping, Hot, Cold, and Recommended players are.

  • 14 Day Pitching Rotations: We take great pride in the accuracy of our 14 day rotations which are updated daily in our member section.


Baseball Chartist: Follow the trends Graphically

  • Over 800 player profile pages stacked with Baseball Statistics, Rookie Profiles, Fantasy Information, and Production Charts
  • Includes both Pitching & Hitting Charts
  • Spot Trends/Make Management Decisions
  • Updated throughout the Season
  • Online and also Downloadable as a PDF document
  • Sabermetric indicators include: HR/RBI Production, Singles Average, Balls Hit into Play%, Stranded Percentage, Deserved Wins, Expected ERA, & Fantasy Production


  • Detailed Minor League Player scouting reports throughout the week (sample report).
  • Weekly Data Sheet grading player attributes for:

    • Top 100 Minor League Prospects

    • Top 5 players from every organization

    • Top Prospects of the Week

    • Recent Minor league call-ups

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