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"Award Winning Fantistics .... Consider it fantasy's baseball's version of the theory of relativity."



Fantistics Fantasy Baseball is your dedicated source to achieving an enjoyable season, throughout the 2016 MLB season we bring you daily insight and player analysis on over 100 players each morning. Based on our Sabermetric inclined background, our player recommendations will help provide fruition to your goals this season.
Detailed Minor League Player scouting reports throughout the week keeps you well ahead of the competition on recent callups. Our advance scouts have over 50 years experience as talent evaluators. Not only do they provide a quantitative approach, they also scout players first hand visiting minor league facilities throughout the country.
Weekly Lineup Rater tracks your fantasy players which rated/ranked based on the strength of the opposition for the coming week. Fantasy Value daily updates on over 1200 players throughout the 2016 fantasy baseball season. Our Pitching Intelligence Logs allows you to easily identify pitchers based on their trends.
Over 600 player profile pages stacked with Baseball Statistics, Rookie Profiles, Fantasy Information, and Production Charts. Includes both Pitching & Hitting Charts. Spot Trends/Make Management Decisions. Updated throughout the Season. Online and also Downloadable as a PDF document
Daily Injury & Player Status Insider Reports keeps you caught up with important baseball information from sources around the country. Best of all it's delivered via email and covers over 100 players daily. Strategy Player Reports: find out who the Rising, Dropping, Hot, Cold, and Recommended players are. 14 Day Pitching Rotations: The most accurate 14 day rotations available.
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